Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's Goin' On?

OMG - here we go again, another social upheaval that threatens to turn into civil war!
It just seems that war is soooo 1968 and we need to get to 2000-and late! Now!! In a hurry.
(Apologies to the BEP's.)

Just want to wish all our good friends, suppliers and growers in Thailand some Serenity and Peace.

As you may, or may not, know 90% of the world's dendrobium orchids come from Thailand and should the civil unrest continue it seems the supply could become quite limited.

Certainly there is a perception in the rest of the world that Thailand is a dangerous place to visit at the moment, and consequently tourism is shrinking rapidly. This impacts the supply chain of orchids as most of these perishable items are shipped via air. With limited flights now going into Thailand, there are only a few aircraft to export flowers out.

Presently, roads around the city of Bangkok are open, and most of the unrest is confined to a square mile in downtown Bangkok, where government forces have isolated 5,000 protesters. However, it seems the protesters have a lot of support in the countryside, and rural areas in general, which could affect farming disciplines if the unrest continues and
the foment grows larger.
We certainly hope that it does not and that there is a peaceful resolution.

It seems such a shame that as advanced a society as we think we are, we need to resolve solutions through violence and bloodshed.

I think Marvin Gaye really expresses the sentiments best.
Photo montage by Albee07
Photos (top to bottom)
1. "Wellcome (sic) to Something";
sign over a house in Bangkok
2. The Amy's Orchids Family with Patrick Dahlson
and Pamela Uranga
3. Rare red orchid "Azima"
4. Pamela Uranga with Mr. Soonthorn, who bred the first blue Vanda; V. "Princess Mikasa"
5. Amy's cousin holding up Mokara "Buffalo Orange"

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