Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Four Non Blondes

When it comes to pink roses these days, the choices are overwhelming, with several roses vying for each and every hue, tone and shade. And trying to maintain a library of images that is current and provides a reasonable facsimile of a variety, given the variances in computer monitors, as well as reflecting the subtle differences of a rose coming from different farms, is no mean feat!
Here are four pink roses that are fairly recent introductions into the US market.
The first is a delicate blush rose that resembles a classic throwback of the 70's and 80's; the "Bridal White". The outer petals are a very light cream but the heart of the rose is infused with a shell pink. This rose is called "Bridal Akito" and features the hardy characteristics of the parent Akito but in a romantic blush tone which develops in intensity as the rose opens.
"Engagement", shown in the second panel, has been around for a few years now, but was largely shipped to Russsia and Eastern Bloc countries. With exchange rates starting to favor US markets, more of these roses are coming to the American markets.
It features a very homogeneous color throughout and remains more or less the same color as it opens.
It is a mid-pink with a hint of salmon, and features a rather old-fashioned high centered petal structure.
Of late there have been quite a few varieties that have what I would call an "Antique Pink" look, such as Magic Mocha; Melanie; Geraldine; Peppermint and the rose featured here; "Eos".
The petals are infused with rather cool tones of pink and the guard petals are somewhat green, especialy at the edges and frequently has some mottling much like an antique hydrangea. Inner petals towards the heart are a little warmer.
Last up is one of the new series of Finess roses, namely "Pink Finess". This rose tends to be somewhat higher priced than many other roses, but the impressive vase life and fabulous petal disposition that is revealed as it opens actually yields a product that represents great value for money.
The petals are packed densely like a peony, but they unfurl slowly and deliberatley, and eventually result in a well developed flower that resembles a garden rose. Color is a rich deep pink, infused with rather erotic flesh tones in the center. Guard petals are agressively tinged with green. Very strong and hardy rose.

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