Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Horton Hears a "Say What?"

"Green Trick" is a fairly recent addition to the dianthus family, in that it is a man-made hybrid developed by Ball Seed Co. Clearly it is very much in fashion, as all things green continue to be very popular. Add to that a rather impressive vase life, compact orbicular heads and stiff, upright stems and Green Trick is a must have for every florist.
Here is an item that can be bought in bulk, stored dry for several days and stored wet for a couple of weeks and can be used in a very wide range of situations. In arrangements, as a filler or a focal flower; in bouquets; little sprigs can be used in boutonnieres; it can be used as a substitute for moss, tucked in low in vases; and so on.
What exactly is Dianthus "Green Trick"? Well we shall have to turn to our little leprechaun who lives in the flower heads.
Actually, he is a French cousin of the little people who is called Monsieur Bill.
And his explanation, after numerous Dubonnets, is as follows (translated):

"Alors, as you can see, I live in a place that has a texture very reminiscent of grass, and indeed the little spikes are comprised of a large amount of chlorophyll. In fact all these little tufts are mini-calyces which are barren of any flowers at all. There are NO flowers - rien de tout! This hybrid has been engineered to be bereft of flowers and is essentially sterile. Imagine, if you will, Sweet William with all the little flowers removed, and then you would see the similarity.
Et voila - c'est simple!
Au revoir!
And with that Monsieur Bill is off to the pot of gold - at the beginning of the rainbow!
These French are so contrary.

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