Friday, May 7, 2010

Leeks and Tomatoes

The humidity is rising to very high levels in Miami, and fast approaching the blazing summer temperatures. Some days relative humidity is 100%, which is indistiguishable from rain!
The garden is yielding  its final bounty before the heat shuts everything down, and it is still sweet and delicious. My girlfriend and I continue to enjoy diverse varieties of tomatoes, the last of the green beans, basil  and parsley. Tomato varieties pictured here are "Roman Candle", with amazing streaks of yellow on red. Inside they are a deep red with a fairly sweet flavor. Also Orlov's Gold, which is truly fruity in taste, and a White tomato whose name was washed away. (Note for next year - Black Sharpies don't cut it in Miami rain.) We love the parsley for chimichurri but also because the Black Swallowtail loves to lay eggs on the leaves,and soon we will have these gothic flutterbys flitting through the garden.

We still have a harvest of various chili-peppers to pick as well as the sweet capsicums to look forward to, and this week I pulled up the baby leeks. Delicious quickly
sauteed with olive oil and garlic.

And what could be better than David Austin roses in a bouquet? David Austin roses in my garden. They are finally blooming in the sub-tropical climes of Coral Gables!

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