Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo honors the bravery of a poorly outfitted militia of some 4,000 Mexicans under the leadership of General Zaragoza Seguin that was able to outwit and defeat 6,400 well equipped, professional infantrymen of the French army at the historic Battle of Puebla on that day in 1862.

The 5th of May is not, in fact, Mexico’s Independence Day, which is September 16th, but a minor holiday that is celebrated in Puebla and in just a few parts of Mexico, but which in the USA it has taken on the patriotic proportions of St.Patrick’s Day, and has become a reason to celebrate Mexico by ex-patriots and US citizens alike. Like the Irish holiday, it has also become a reason to party and imbibe massive amounts of beer and tequila.

Clearly, the USA as a mature country has grown and excelled in spite of massive waves of immigration from just about every corner of the world, and it is the comingling of cultures and races that gives our country its plurality, tolerance and continues to strengthen the pillars of democracy. Food, culture and religion from every part of our world have all found their way into the rich tapestry that is America.

Therefore, while I have no answer to the immigration dilemma, our continued survival as a vibrant and legitimate democracy depends on how we treat immigrants to our shores, and that we espouse the values of the Christian nation, that we purport to be, when advocating solutions.

Oh yeah, and the food is awesome too.

Pues….un Feliz Cinco de Mayo para nuestros hermanos en todo lado!
Y no chupas tanto!

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