Friday, September 24, 2010


Have I taken my puns using the word spathe too far? Did the little piggy cry "Wee-wee-wee" all the way home?
Notwithstanding the profundity of these questions as well as their solutions, I present four of the most recent new varieties of colored Zantedeschia  hybrids available for the fall season .

The spathe is the modified leaf that surrounds the spadix; the spadix is the small phallic-shape at the center of the spathe, whereas the actual flowers are in fact the tiny specks that "bloom" on the spadix. (See image to right).

The spathe is imbued with rich color, often speckled and mottled with another hue, especially in the case of oranges and red, and sometimes the whites and creams have another hue such as pink or peach applied like blush. Case in point is the new "Crystal Pink", which is very similar to the Crystal White and the Crystal Blush, but has slightly more pink. The difference between these three varieties is really a matter of degree, and all would be adequate as a white.

There are two new varieties of yellow: Firstly there is "Serrada" (sic) which has a slender spathe that offers a rather narrow disposition in a bright yellow imbued with a caste of lemon tones. Serrada seems to be a corruption of the Spanish word 'Cerrada', meaning closed.

The second yellow is a rather bold and brassy, featuring a spathe that is large, well developed and generally disposed to reflexing and which is a golden egg-yolk (free range) color occasionally limned with green at the apex of the spathe. The name of this variety is rather appropriately termed "Conca D'Or" or Golden Shell.

Lastly, a new calla called "Autumn Jewel" features a rather unusual and complex combination of dull brass tones and brown hues melded into a terracotta colored spathe. The spathe itself is has very attractive shape developing into the classic conical form of the Z. rehmanii hybrids and the red and brass tones contrast nicely with a golden spadix.

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