Friday, September 17, 2010


It is my understanding that there are approximately 150 ways to say that someone or something is hairy, and the name of this fabulous Leucadendron uses one of them. These dynamic floral items come form South Africa at this time of year. Use them to add silver flourishes to autumn expressions and detailed comtemporary sculptural  compositions. The spherical flower-heads resemble old-fashioned golf balls that have fallen apart, revealing the tightly wound guttapercha within. However, the texture is incredibly soft, like the downy fur just above a cat's nose, and from which the flower gets its epithet: Leucadendron pubescens. Now, I know some of you are thinking that it is a rather risqué name from those lusty, lascivious Latins but in point of fact pubescens means 'fine, downy hair', and is derived from the Latin pubescere which means  'to mature; to come of age' and which is also the root of 'puberty'.
Now is the time to take advantage of these novelty flower cones arriving from South Africa, as their  seasons are often quite capricious in nature, and can finish quite quickly. Fortunately, the different varieties seem to bloom one after another, so if it is unavailable, please inquire as to what other flower cones, globes and spherical materials are coming in from South Africa. Another economical asset of these products is that  they are quite hardy and have an excellent vase life.

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