Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Well, I have been away on holiday, a concept usually associated with recharging one's batteries. However, I went to Orlando with my nine-year-old son (soon to be ten) who kept me on my toes and who left me physically exhausted. But I loved every minute of it!! We skipped the Disney experience this year and went to Sea World and their allied water park called "Aquatica". Temperatures were soaring, with blazing sun in the mornings and tropical showers in the afternoon, so the water activities were ideal for keeping cool.
Even though we are in a midst of a severe recession, one would be hard pushed to know it at the theme parks. Both SeaWorld and Aquatica were packed, and prices for every conceivable add-on were, in my opinion outrageous. By the way , if you are planning to go to Orlando, don't underestimate the not insignificant parking fees. It is amazing to me that these are not highlighted on the websites. Water was the best value at $2.80 per 12oz. bottle. And we drank plenty of them due to the extreme heat. Every day was an SPF 50 day!
Nonetheless we had a blast, and we really enjoyed our last activity before returning home which was a round of miniature golf at the "Pirate's Cove Miniature Golf Course", located at the Crossroads. Awesome,and educational; that is, if you like pirate history which I do.
Did you know  that Blackbeard's name was Edward Teach? And that he liked to go into attacks on ships with a lighted fuse cord sparkling in his hat?

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