Tuesday, August 24, 2010


On Wednesday nights there is a show on Discovery Channel that we love to watch, featuring an ultra-nerd who is very cool; one Professor Brian Cox. He is the emccee on a terrific show called "Wonders of the Solar System", which lays out how really magnificent and interrelated the whole universe is. Each week he takes us up to the skies and beyond and demonstrates a different aspect of the solar system by relating it to geographical features on planet earth. Brian Cox also happens to be a secular humanist, which is what I consider myself to be, so that is also very cool. We are not alone.
Milky Way is a new rose which is a very pale cream, almost white, but not; if you know what I mean. It has a slight hue of a peachy-pink, very similar to Vendela. However there is good news and bad news...Good news first. The flowers open up lavishly, oftne with double and triple hearts, whorling like eddies in a river. The overall effect is one of massed balls of silk brocade or fine damask. Exquisite.
The bad news is that after a few days some of the petals get bubbly and seem dry, much like Rosita Vendela does, or on occasion Vendela. It seems to be a genetic feature. Sort of  ashame, but if they were used for wedding work the effects will be breathtaking.


  1. So sometimes I read too fast and misread - but it can be entertaining! Thought you wrote "The flowers open up lavishly, oftne with double and triple hearts, whoring like eddies in a river."

    I'm thinking - Wow, that's some lusty rose!

  2. Wow...I had to reread it myself! Nonetheless lusty is a good!

  3. Lusty is great in a rose for sure!!


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