Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quality Roulette

It is my contention that by eliminating the "Roulette" factor from your workplace equation so that you can execute the work that your clientele expects from you over and over again in a consistent and predictable way is, as the advertisment proclaims: "Priceless"! I have had quite a few clients over the years ask me to explain why this rose from such and such a farm is twice the price than the same variety from another farm or provider. There are several components to this answer, most of which relate to economic factors, but the key to a price is the ability of a product to deliver a consistent experience for the professional.
In this industry "control" of the condition of the flowers is of paramount importance. When you are doing high level assignments, your expectation that a product will deliver a repeatable and consistent experience in the workplace is essential, and runs parallel to your ability to execute your hallmark services for your customers.

Generally speaking, when a flower commands a high price it is largely because of the work and effort invested in its production, the care in harvesting and hydrating the flower, and then the packing of the product ready for the stressful transit to it's destination. Thereafter a portion of the price is derived from the logistic and cold chain management of the flower in getting to the destination. Mayesh Wholesale invests a considerable amount of money in using premier logistical solutions, including the most efficent and reliable airlines, chartering our own refrigerated tractor-trailers to deliver the large volumes of flowers that we import and maintaining large dutch-style refrigerated dsiribution warehouses at key hubs in the USA.

All this is done to ensure that after you have hydrated, pulsed and stabilised your flowers; that they open as you expect them to; that the color, hue and saturation is what you were expecting; and that stem strength and length, as well as aspects of bloom count and head-size remain consistent with your expectations.
Logically, if the products perform as you expect them to, you can fulfill with facility that which you promised to deliver to your customer. On the other hand, if a flower does not perform as you had anticipated, a level of unnecessary stress then develops. As we are all learning, stress can be quite debilitating to mental and physical health.

Now, this is not to say that top-notch flowers can often be procured at very reasonable prices, largely due to seasonal availability, harvest peaks and during periods of low demand. And it would be imprudent to ignore discounted prices on products that you use.
The key in this case is to purchase the same quality products. But when prices rise, securing flowers of lesser quailty because they are less expensive can be foolhardy. Yes, one can get lucky and the product performs as you had hoped; but when the flowers perform differently - (they may be fresh, but they open much slower than you had anicipated, or conversely open too quickly) - then stress and possibly unanticipated costs creep into the commission.

In the short term, the lure of false economies of inexpensive yet unpredictable products may appear attractive. But if you maintain a long term perspective, then the election to procure products that deliver results will ultimately yield dividends not only in the workplace, but also in your physical,mental and emotional well-being. And how much do you think that is worth?

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