Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I say Tomato

Finally getting ripe tomatoes off the vine, although the heat and humidity here in Miami is starting to soar, and the plants are losing their leaves, and the stems are becoming increasingly ligneous.. Still, even thouhgh the yields are much less than I expected, they still taste yummy. I believe that I did not give enough potassium to the plants, so although the plants were huge, the fruit set was very poor. Orlov's Gold, Black Zebra, San Marzano and Carmelo made it to the plate.
One does get an amazing appreciation of the triumph of growers, especially those who choose to grow organically. It is a really complex undertaking, and I found that all the plants require constant attention, particularly to the advent of caterpillars and aphids. I have to say, though, the results are gratifying. I have learnt an enormous amount about growing, and next year will be mother lode of all harvests! (That's what I said last year!)
Next week, we are pulling up the leeks, which my girlfriend and I really are looking forward to.

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