Friday, April 9, 2010

Opening Day

Welcome to David's Diary. My name is David Dahlson, and I oversee the Mayesh on-line shopping site, along with Tawny McJunkins. The site is called Shopmayesh and has two distinct features. One is the "By-the-Bunch" program, which ships out of Los Angeles, California and puts a vast array of flowers available at your fingertips, literally.
Shopmayesh also features the "Box Lots" program which offers flowers in bulk at significant discounts. The products are available in a live inventory on a daily basis, so it is well worth checking back tow or three times a week to see what is in our coolers today. My Diary will ilustrate items of interest that we have for sale, as well as commentary on trends, new flowers and anything that I think will be of interest to the floral professional.
Today we fling open the doors to our "Box Lots" site after months of trials, in conjunction with our "By-the-Bunch" shopping site. Remember, if you have nay questions about the site, questions concerning shpping, even questions about floral history, you can contact our "Chat" feature or call our on-line toll free telephone number. At Mayesh Wholesale we pride ourselves on being purveyors of fine flowers, rather than shipper s of boxes. In fact, every box that goes out to a customer is opened and checked for quality, and to ascertain that the contenst are correct.
On our site today we have a very extensive array of premium roses from top growers, as well as slections that represent greeat value for money. We also have a modiucm of other flowers that have unique attributes or are a welcome addition to the floral professional's palette. For instance, in the coolers today we have Nerines from Chile, which are available in White and Pink.
Mayesh always seeks out the latest in great new varieties, as demonstarted in this scintillating new yellow rose "Hot Merengue". If you do not see what you are looking for on Box Lots please call our Miami Shipping dept at to pre-order items: 866 332-7673So, may I be the first to say "Welcome" and I hope you come back to visit us many times and to use our site for business and information.

David Dahlson,


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