Thursday, November 11, 2010


Well, I have been cutting down on TV as of late, but in case I was missing anything, my girlfriend and I did a little channel-changing last night. First off, it just seems that the commercials go on for ever, and they are excruciatingly torturous. I mean awful. Second, given that there are hundreds of channels, it is amazing how many are unwatchable. Anyways, "The Arrangement" on Logo caught my eye. seeing as it was about, of all things, arranging flowers. But it is following the insidious competition formula started by the Food Network. In fact have you noticed how the Food Network has gone from being a cool channel with neat shows (I see Mario Batali has jumped ship! Good for him) to being a a channel about competitions involving foodstuffs.So much so they have created another channel for the cooking shows, which is ironically called the Cooking Channel (I think). It is like MTV's evolution from music channel with music to a music-channel with no music!
Anyway, I digress. "The Arrangement" is hideous, or at least this episode was, with so many ghastly puerile double-entendres about homosexuals, it made one's skin creep with embarassment. I mean are the producers of this show along with "Logo" trying to reinforce the stereotypes that already exist about the male part of the homosexual community? Because they are doing a good job of it, and giving the gay community and the floral industry short shrift in the process. And please, who designs flowers like this anymore? Aren't the days of contrived and tortured manipulations of floral products so 2000 and late?

This is doing more damage than the awful bouquets in most of the supermarkets. Surely, the time for a simple, heartfelt approach to flowers - such as you can find at any of the sites on the Blogroll, or indeed at so many florists around the country who treat flowers with respect and retain the intrinsic integrity of God's special creations - is now?

I think it is time to start a "Don' Be Cruel to Flowers" Movement!

Image from Saipua's excellent blog.
Casual, considerate and very cool. The way flowers ought to be handled. IMHO.

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  1. I would agree with most of your points. The problem with just doing beautiful design is that there is no drama. There are hundreds and hundreds of designers that could do amazing handtieds and
    gorgeous arrangements all day long and would get the attention of florist and that's about it. Making us step out of our comfort zone and create a over the top fashion headpiece or wrap a car is exciting because we don't do it everyday and that pushes us to think and make it work. If I did wrap cars everyday the flowers probably not look torchered. Now the sexual comments and crampy gay references is due purly to the fact it is on logo and that's what the majority of the viewers will relate to, not amazing handtieds. I would love to see this type on a better platform, like lifetime, oprah's network or the Martha Stewart channel but logo was the first to do it and they better than anyone knows their demographic. For what it is, I think it is a pretty good show but
    has some room to grow!!!!


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