Friday, November 5, 2010


"Dutchy". Bold. Brassy. Big. Bright. And very orange. Very, very orange. This new rose for 2010 is starting to appear on our shores, although why it is called Dutchy we are not sure. Presumably it has something to do with Holland. Perhaps it is a vernacular term of endearment for a native of Holland, seeing as their national color is bright orange? Or maybe it is named after a water pipe, often seen in the coffee shops of Amsterdam? Your guess is as good as mine, but one would have thought the Dutch breeders had already created enough orange roses to last at least until all the foreclosures in the USA housing market have been sold off!! Apparently not. While the color is exceptional, with an incredible saturation in the petals, I find the pointy, rather 1960's high-centered disposition rather unattractive and very old-fashioned.
But if you like the look of it, please do contact us. It certainly is the flavor of the month.

And have a terrific weekend.

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