Monday, July 19, 2010


In 1999 the House of Delbard, rose breeders in France for several generations, introduced a red rose that was named "Red Intuition". When it finally became available at the beginning of the 21st century, the fabulous variegated streaks of dark burgundy on a scarlet field caused a minor sensation. However, for most rose aficionados the novelty was short lived because the bloom, which promised much, failed to open. Left to open on the plant, the rose was dynamic, but as a cut flower it simply sat there, revealing nothing. Probably ideal for supermarkets, whose insistence that buds be tight and peeled borders on perversion, as a cut flower for designers with a scintilla of appreciation for beauty, "Red Intuition" became sidelined enjoying modest popularity at Valentine's. Let's face it, almost anything red with a stem is popular at Valentine's Day!
Towards the end of the first decade of the 21st century, a sport of the Red Intuition was introduced, which was dark pink on a medium pink field and called., with a flair for the ironic; "Pink Intuition"! It was introduced with much fanfare at the Hollywood premiere of  the movie "Valentine's Day" a few days prior to Valentine's Day 2010. It is decidedly hard to know which is worse, the rose or the movie, although while the movie was DOA, at least the roses have some life left in them!
Again, the coloring is marvelous, the variegation rather beguiling, but like its parent, "Pink Intuition" also stubbornly refuses to yield the climax of a complete reflexing of the petals, or even to open partially. More's the pity, as it could be a stunning flower.
Now, another mutation of "Red Intuition" has appeared, which is a very provocative brilliant Reddish-Orange on a creamy-white field. This sport is the most vigorous and dynamic of all this series, and the variegation reminds one of the stunning breaks observed in such classic tulips as "Semper Augustus" or more recently in the French Tulips that are intentionally stricken with the virus that produces breaks such as Tulipa "King's Blood" Chined. Very attractive, the rose is still frustrating as it also does not open. I tried manipulating the petals with my fingers but could not get much development.
Clearly, these "Orange Intuition" roses are not for everyone, but given that one man's passion is another man's poison, we offer all the "Intuition" series for sale, as well as over 500 commercial cut roses, at all Mayesh locations and for shipping nationwide.


  1. David -

    First, let me say I love your blog! so interesting, right up my alley with the analysis of varieties in this post to the history in the Constance Spry one.

    So glad you added a comments feature, been wanting to thank you for the link to my blog! I check the analytics and see folks do click through, so thanks. :-)

    Now...we need you to post links on a Facebook page as you update your blog! I put a link to you tonight and that was the first comment. Evidently not everyone follows their RSS reader (I say this like I know what I'm talking about HA!).

    Keep writing!!!

  2. Thank you Sprout. May I call you Sprout? I have tried your suggestion and put up the link on Facebook. THanks for your positive feedback. Cheers DD

  3. You may of course call me Sprout! (pretty sure it's going on my headstone some day...)

    I couldn't find the blog link on Mayesh's page on Facebook...where should I be looking?


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