Friday, February 18, 2011


Wow, time has simply flown, even has I desperately try to gather as many rosebuds as I can! The climax of my Valentine's Day labors was followed by some downtime, some recovery time, some family time. Time to grieve loved ones who have left this earth, and cherish others who struggle to find their way. Especially, time with my partner, whom I love deeply. Her laughter, her quick, glossy eyes, her wit and grace. Most precious in our lives, in fact, turns out to be time: The gift of it for other people in your life, and the good use of it for one's own pursuits. Time to reflect.
Finally after some two weeks I am able to gird the tools of my new trade about me and prepare for our next endeavor; a petite flower farm in Southern Florida, dedicated to the production of specialty cut flowers and organic items for floral design that exhibit good sculptural values. My girlfriend and I are very excited and have been running hither and thither since closing on the farm last week. Yesterday I spent all day looking at tractors. We are starting completely from scratch. This weekend will be our first up on the farm and we are quite silly about the event. Pictures and story to follow soon. Watch this space.
I do hope that everyone had a productive Valentines, business-wise; and an intimate evening, amorous-wise.
Reports are that it was generally a good holiday around the country, mostly with some gains. I do hope this was the case for you, or better.
I can only speak for our household, but love was in the air! And still is....

Blog will now return to normal publishing schedule.


  1. David - VERY excited for your new endeavor! But will you continue to blog with Mayesh?

  2. I am very excited as well. I will maintain a relationship with Mayesh (we are family after all), and this blog will be all about flowers; from Mayesh and from the field.

  3. Fantastic! I can't wait to see how your farming experience colors your views on flowers. :-)


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