Wednesday, October 20, 2010


No matter how jaded one may become in the cut flower industry there is always something that happens to clear away the cobwebs of complacency. For years it has been the generally acknowledged wisdom that the cut flower market would never be in a situation where demand could outstrip supply, and yet we may very well be on the cusp of such a situation for some varieties! For one example, see the article on the rose shortage below.
Similarly, we received some cymbidiums from Holland that literally assaulted my visual senses, and which affected my vocal chords fro several moments. I was almost at a loss for words. After recovering from the initial shock I took a closer look at these dyed-blue cymbidium orchids. They really are an affront to good taste and are just wrong! However, that is my humble opinion. In this day and age who dares to be the ultimate arbiter on aesthetics and cultural finesse? Only the foolish and the intolerant.
Nonetheless I found myself trying to imagine under what circumstances these might be appropriate.
I speculated that if there were another universe, a doppelgänger so to speak, wherein Frank, the character played by Dennis Hopper were actually to marry the persecuted woman portrayed by Isabella Rossellini in the classic move "Blue Velvet", then it would be entirely appropriate for Frank to have a boutonnière featuring a blue cymbidium. Perhaps not, but they would look stunning in Isabella's hair!
As opposed to the "Blue"-dyed Vendela roses which look rather fake and painted and very tacky, the blue dye is absorbed subcutaneously and has a very natural feel, like that of the plastic arrangements in the dentist's waiting room.

Also available in shocking pink and ugly ochre.
If you find that you have an uncontrollable desire to order some you may click here.


  1. these hurt my feelings. Not as much as those rainbow dyed roses though. Those are worse.

  2. They are extremely offensive....speaking personally. On the other hand I have often heard it said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have also heard it said, especially by my late mother, that there is no accounting for taste.


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