Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Brazil or Berzelia?

Well, I have tried to skirt around the greatest sporting event in the world, but it is becoming increasingly difficult as passions grow within our compnay. In our office in Miami we have myself, an Englishman, a German, a Frenchman and a Brazilian woman. The European contingent are really suffering as England, Germany and France have played well below their potential, and are an increasing source of frustration.  Can we get through to the next round?                                   

I will let that rhetorical question be resolved during the next few days (GO England!!), but I can use this space to highlight some great products that we are importing from South Africa. It is currently winter in the Southern hemisphere, but some proteaceous materials are starting to bloom. Currently we are offering several types of Berzilia, which are somewhat novel, versatile and very hardy fillers. One of their most attractive features are the spherical flower heads which vary in size from small peas to large marbles.
Berzelia galpinii - This variety is generally denominated as "Baubles" due to their highly decorative appearance and whimsical coloring. The orbicular cones range from greenish-cream to light yellow to scarlet and stand out distinctively on the erect stems that are covered in fine needles, the whole resembling a tropical conifer! This material is very hardy, and retains clarity of color and pesistent vigor for a couple of weeks. Listed as "Berzelia Baubles" On-Line.              
Berzelia lanuguinosa - This filler is quite light and airy, with corymbs of arborio rice-sized balls  atop long sinuous stems that are covered in fine needles. The stems are serpentine and the overall fine cut appearance resembles a seaweed or waving kelp, and quite at home in exotic arrangements. Listed as "Berzelia Green" On-Line.
Berzelia Palacea - A wonderful sculptural material that features smokey-gray/green foliage that have occasionally solitary but generally terminal clusters of light gray pea-sized balls.  Can be creatively deployed in ultra-hip wedding palettes, but is equally comfortable in pastoral settings. Very hardy and long-lasting. Listed as "Berzelia White" On-Line.
All Berzelias can be held dry for about a week prior to use, and then hydrated in shallow water. Berzelia can be exposed to fairly low temperatures.
Last in this series is a very finely cut Leucadendron, namely L. platyspermum, which is a delighfully soft foliage with dynamic arching stems. It can be used in casual country situations as well as in hard-edged tropical designs. This is due to the contrasting nature of its soft, feathery leaves with the very stiff, willowy stems. From a distance it creates the impression of the soft pliant foliage of an herb, but maintains its profile in any environment. This extremely versatile component is also very hardy and durable.
Indeed, all the materials illustrated here represent a dynamic opportunity for enjoying economies of scale when bought by the box; because the products can be used over several weeks. They are fabulous alternative fillers that can be held on hand for use in many diverse situations. And after two weeks or so, if there is any remaining product, it can be hung and dried for use in the fall. To purchase these items or any other flowers On-Line go here
Did I say "Gooooooo England"?!

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